Fraud resources

Surveys and statistics

    • 2022 ACFE Report to the Nations 2022 – Source: ACFE (ENG)/ Link
    • Annual Reports of European Anti-fraud office – Source: OLAF (ENG)/ Link

Fraud investigation:

    • The process of an Ethics Investigation (from Start to Finish) – Source: Compliance Line (ENG) / Link
    • Conducting an Ethics Investigation: Top 20 Tips for Success – Source: I-sight (ENG)/ Link

Fraud, ethical challenges and various wrongdoings

  • What is fraud? It´s both simpler and more complicated than you think. Source: ACFE (ENG)/ Link
  • Fraudulent manipulation of bank statements in electronic format – Source: ACFE (ENG)/ Link
  • Series on „tunnelling“ in the Czech Republic – Source: Surveilligence (CZE) / Link
  • Fraud talk: Following the Breadcrumbs-Tracing Cryptocurrencies in Fraud Investigations – Source: ACFE (ENG) / Link

Ethics & Compliance

    • What´s the difference between compliance and ethics? – Source: Forbes (ENG) / Link


  • How are whistleblowers talked about in the Czech Republic? – Source: TI (CZE) / Link

Law & Regulation

    • EU Directive on the protection of person who report breaches of Union Law – Source: Eur-lex (ENG) / Link
    • Draft of the Czech whistleblowing law – Source: Úřad vlády (CZE) / Link
  • Current development in prevention of conflict of interest of public officials – Source: TI CZ (CZE) / Link
  • G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance – Source: OECD (ENG) / Link